Why Brands Need To Create Tiktok Instant Pages

Why Brands Need To Create Tiktok Instant Pages

Today social media platforms are not just for entertainment, the horizons of this term have broadened over time from branding, advertising, and engaging with customers, to understanding their needs for the business, social media is as vast as an ocean now. Of all the social media apps, TikTok is one of the best tools for attracting consumers. No matter what niche your brand is, if you create and deliver a piece of quality content on TikTok, it will confer many returns on the money spent on ads. Exploring for the best TikTok marketing agency around you? PYDA is here to aid your brand with solid marketing initiatives. 

TikTok never fails to bring something new to the table. This time, they have introduced the feature of \”Instant Pages\” which aids people in promoting their products on TikTok. Companies can leverage this addition even if they do not have enough resources for advertising.

Let\’s discuss TikTok what Instant Pages are, their benefits, and how you can utilize them in your business.  

What Are Tiktok Instant Pages?

TikTok Instant Pages, the latest feature in the app, permits the brands to enable a shopping display option. It will work as a lightweight mobile landing page that will load 11 times faster than traditional mobile sites. The users can visit the page without taking exits from the TikTok app.

This trait will assist the brand in connecting more with the consumers and displaying their ads. TikTok says that these features allow businesses to \”drive up to 40% lower cost per action when optimizing towards conversions on your Instant Page.\”

What Are The Benefits Of Tiktok Instant Pages?

Since TikTok videos are short, simple, and crisp, it will help the consumers acknowledge the variety of videos in the app, followed by the products and services offered by the brand. With the facility of an Instant Page, users will be able to engross the stories of brand building and its journey. 

Instant Page has been designed to assist brands increase reach, driving traffic, and growing sales. Now brands can easily focus on their target audience by creating customized campaigns with their objectives. Being 11 times faster, it breaks all the gaps between the brand and the consumer. Viewers will also be able to visit the page frequently as they are just a tap away. 

Whether you are a makeup artist, influencer, food blogger, or business brand, whatever you talk about will reach the customers easily. With Instant Page, the creator now only has to think strategically about publishing more engaging content. 

How Can You Use Tiktok Instant Pages In Your Business?  

The Instant Page builder tool is inserted inside the ad creation flow, empowering you to consolidate a variety of templates.  

  • Introduction & Brand Pitch: For businesses starting their new ventures, it\’s a great platform to be aware of the brand, product, and services. 
  • Brand Story: An essential part of engaging and gaining the audience\’s trust, and the app has this ideal option for sharing brand stories.
  • Products For Sale: A section for the special or discount offers on the products. 
  • Movie Trailer: To enhance the brand image, marketers can give their audience a new option to watch the movie trailer in the landscape view. 
  • Custom: Here, the app makers have given the freedom to the marketers to use their infinite ideas to create and promote their advertisement campaigns. 
  • Convert An Existing Website Into An Instant Page: Click Instant Create > enter the URL of the page you want to recreate > Generate.


TikTok is fun, addictive, and entertaining with approximately 2 billion users globally. With TikTok, agencies have a huge chance of making their product go viral. It will be popular as a great marketing tool in the next few years. Being one of the TikTok companies Canada, PYDA is here at your disposal to help you solve your complex marketing problem.



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