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What is best for your brand, Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat

Gen Z and millennial audiences are the biggest market one can unlock to make their e-commerce success. The question mainly is where does one get access to this exploding market of consumers? There are three popular platforms namely, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat where your brand’s presence can unleash amazing results but, let’s explore which platform is the best suited to you. Though there are a few more social media platforms these are the best place to target the new-age consumers as they feel more non-traditional and creative ways to make your e-commerce look more irresistible. Let’s go through all three social media platforms and check out which one is best for our e-commerce. 

Snapchat: View & Vanish

September 2011 is when Snapchat entered our lives and created a buzz all around us with its unique disappearing content. If you are looking for a concentrated crowd of Gen Z then it’s the best place to launch and promote your e-commerce. Its best feature of stories and text that disappears soon creates a sense of urgency and using the app immediately as soon as the notification arrives. 

But it saw a decline in its popularity and number of users in 2018. Even though the initial success was great it did see a rapid decline in users over time. Though it has revived again it’s still limited to the audience of a particular age group only.


  • Creates urgency to use the app immediately
  • Exploding with a new-age impulsive audience


  • Limited to Gen Z audience only
  • Complex features so not easy to use for all

TikTok: World of Videos

TikTok was launched in 2017 and it brought a revolution into everyone’s life along with the working of social media. 2021 alone witnessed 656 million downloads of the app. From lip-syncing and dance moves TikTok has come a long way open to all kinds of crowds. It’s a way of life and a means to express oneself. No matter what your brand niche deals with you will audience for all kinds of e-commerce on TikTok easily. 

The TikTok market is boosting daily and it has helped just about every product to get a potential market of consumers. The popularity of TikTok has unleashed a wide range of marketing opportunities. In fact, it has the best algorithm that makes your e-commerce easily reach the consumer who is likely to be interested in your product. Hence, it is the most effective platform when we consider relevant product showcasing.

It offers features like TikTok live which creates a buzz to immediately join in to not miss out on anything. As per PYDA, the best TikTok marketing agency in Canada, 90% of the users take action after they watch content over a video on TikTok. The marketing of brand building is immense and constantly growing over TikTok with an only increasing number of success rates. 


  • Involves all age group audience
  • Involves all business niche
  • It’s easy to use and engaging


  • Deals only with videos 

Instagram: One-Stop-Shop 

Instagram is the jack of all trades as it offers you everything in one place that Snapchat and TikTok offer. Initially, when Instagram launched in 2011 it was merely a place to share photos. Later it came with the options of messages, stories, IGTV and now reels which even got criticised as a rip off of TikTok. But as it’s well said one who runs behind everything actually runs behind nothing.  Hence if you are looking to build some focused content with a like-minded crowd then it might not be the best place for your e-commerce. 

Instagram is a good platform to get access to a diversity of audiences as well as the diversity of kinds of content you can make and publish over it. 


  • One-stop solutions to all your need


  • Lack of the focused approach needed for e-commerce
  • Not the best chance for videos to go viral 
  • Too many features make it more complex

As all the three social media platforms are huge successes there can’t be one size fits all. In the end, you need to know your needs and then select the platform that suits your e-commerce the best. If TikTok suits your needs do explore PYDA, the best TikTok marketing agency to unleash your e-commerce’s potential. 



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