TikTok Surpasses Google and Facebook as the worlds most popular website!

Not only is TikTok exceeding other social media platforms in terms of worldwide internet traffic; it is now more popular than Google and its suite of services, including Google Maps and Gmail, in terms of internet traffic.

Website traffic data and other current internet trends are published by Cloudflare’s Radar project. By the year 2021, TikTok.com was predicted to be the most popular website in the world, according to internal corporate data. After Google.com, Facebook.com, Microsoft, and Apple.com.

According to Cloudflare, Google was the most popular domain in late 2020. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Netflix followed. It ranked seventh in terms of traffic.

According to the internet security agency, TikTok’s movement began in February 2021. One day in February, TikTok occupied the number one spot in Google’s search results. In March and May, TikTok briefly occupied the number one spot for a few days each. The top rank was held by Google for a few days here and there in July, but TikTok began taking over most days in August.

It goes to show how popular TikTok is becoming. Statistics like these are unheard of even for Facebook. Maybe now it’s time for your brand to hop on TikTok. Book a Free Strategy Meeting today!



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