These Gen Z TikTok Tips Can Make You Famous

These Gen Z TikTok Tips Can Make You Famous

Dreaming to be the next TikTok star? Ahh, looks tough right. Don’t worry about PYDA, the best TikTok influencer marketing agency in Canada, we have got your back when you planning to compete on social media platforms that our home. We deal with it and its rising stars every day.

 If you are curious to know ways that can make you popular over TikTok we’ll help you to take your baby steps towards quick fame. Since the launch of TikTok in 2016, its growth has skyrocketed, and become the trendiest place to be on social media. 

Let’s get better at TikTok with PYDA

The initial steps to get started with TikTok are to build your niche. Know what kind of content you are interested in and wish to impart the same. Make content on that chosen niche like fashion, memes, beauty, food, etc.

The next step is to know that there is competition in all the niches and it’s time to think out of the box. Make sure your content is somehow different from other content. More interesting and engaging. 

Consistent posting content is the next step. You can’t be inactive for too long as your audience won’t interact with you if you don’t interact with them frequently. 

These were the basic steps of building your TikTok brand name and image. Now let’s dive into the details and look at some moves to get more TikTok views that can make your content go viral and in turn, make you popular on TikTok.

  1. Try Trending Sound Tracks 

Sounds are an essential element of any video. The sounds and musical trans also get trending and this is when you must make a video. Keep looking for the trending tracks that you can groove on. 

These tracks go on and off on-trend cycles and if you can make a video on trending tacks you will guarantee to have more views than on something that’s not trending. 

Pro Tip: Discover trending sounds by clicking on Create (+) button in the TikTok app and tapping Add Sound.

  1. Add Trending Hashtags

If you know how to use this powerful tag then no one can stop you from being popular. Hashtags are your way to be visible to people who might enjoy your content. Hence keep your eyes open for the best trending hashtags. You can easily explore the trending hashtags by tapping on the Discover tab ad and then tapping on Trends. It’s visible on the top of the screen.

PYDA data check: More than 50% of users have polled that they love it when brands and their favorite content creators participate in trends.

  1. Go fast & Furious

Even though one can make a three-minute-long TikTok video over the app but it’s always more user-engaging when it’s a short video. It is even more likely that a user might watch your video twice or thrice if it’s short and crips.  The best of the things to keep in my is:

  • Short video 10-20 seconds
  • Simple videos with the easy trend
  • Trending Background track

These were some of the best TikTok tips to get popular. Even though we have kept the list short but that is not all. Some other things you can try are to do a duet, team up with an influencer, make tips and trick videos, go into knowledge mode and teach what you have learned as users are always looking for interesting ways to learn. PYDA TikTok marketing agency, the best in Canada can help you grow your TikTok presence. Get in touch today!



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