Strategic Ways to Grow Your Brand With TikTok Marketing

Strategic Ways to Grow Your Brand With TikTok Marketing

TikTok is an outcome of a combination of two Chinese apps, Douyin (video) and (social media service). It has taken the world by storm. Its companion app was the top-rated non-game version in its first six months into 2021 (383 million installations), and TikTok is currently the fourth most popular social media platform. 

It is evident that companies seeking to expand would not want to miss out on the opportunity of pursuing a strategy of marketing that addresses the billion-plus people who are active every month. Let us at PYDA, one of the top TikTok Service companies in Canada, help you explore the ways in which you can expand the horizons of your brands:

1. Create An Account For Your Business On Tiktok Business Account

If you\’re planning on augmenting your business this year, it is recommended that you should have a TikTok account for business. This business account will allow you to:

  • Access real-time profile metrics The metrics of your profile from your company account will help in assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns of your overall social marketing strategy. Some of the key metrics you\’ll have access to include
  • The number of likes and shares, comments, and video views
  • total viewing time and traffic sources
  • audience\’s location
  • Gender
  • average playback times

This is crucial since, without metrics and analytics, it\’s hard to make informed business decisions. Without a clear understanding of the demographics, your marketing efforts could go down the drain.

2. Make Use Of A Variety To Promote Your Business

TikTok offers brands the chance to design and create various kinds of advertisements, including

  • In-feed: These ads are the TikTok standard advertisement format. They typically range from 15 to 60 seconds in length. Users can share, like, comment, follow, and even create videos using your TikTok audio. You can launch various types of campaigns that have multiple goals, too. 
  • Top-view: These are the advertisements you encounter when you first log into TikTok. They\’re the ones that have the most space (of that \”top view\” kind) and are anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds in length. Since they are the first type of ads that users see, they are perfect for attracting attention to a brand and expanding its reach, assuring greater reach and more impressions than other forms.

3. Invest In Influencer Marketing

It\’s a form of marketing that has gained popularity on social media and is a way for brands to partner with those with a solid popular social profile (influencers) to offer partnerships, sponsorships, and product placements. There are a few possibilities when working with them. You could choose to work with the most popular stars and those with the highest followers or for less well-known but emerging influencers in your specific field. Explore TikTok to find out who\’s who, and then reach out to them for a collaboration.

4. Don\’t Miss Out On The Latest Viral Challenges

The viral challenges have grown highly well-known users who have recorded themselves engaging in specific (usually identified) actions. On TikTok, the most popular are dance and hashtag challenges. Utilizing clever placement of products and adding a funny spin on things, it is possible to make your advertisement memorable and worthy of sharing.

One type of humorous advertisement that interests people involves the friendly rivalry between brands.

5. Partner With Other Brands Through Tiktok Marketing Campaigns

Collaboration with influencers is just an aspect of it. Working with brands that are in the same field is different. Benefits from working with a brand performing better and having a more extensive fan base could provide the boost you require to make a mark in a competitive market. It can be complex negotiations but don\’t get discouraged by the initial rejections. Continue to pitch; eventually, you\’ll come across a brand you want to work with.

6. Choose Best Tiktok Marketing Agency

Needless to say, as a brand, you cannot focus on every aspect of TikTok Marketing because there are other things that you need to take care of. You can choose a TikTok marketing agency that can help you flourish on the famous social media platform or look for Tiktok Management companies Near Me and search for reviews.



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