How to Use TikTok Ads to Promote Your Business

How to Use TikTok Ads to Promote Your Business

If you belong to Generation X or someone who is not acquainted with the social media habits of the GenZ, it may be astonishing how TikTok has taken over the show in recent years. On opening TikTok, you will be welcomed by endless feeds of people dancing, lip-syncing, doing tutorials, raising social issues and performing in general. Users make short, creative, engaging, and raw videos with special effects and musical overlays.

Why Would You Consider TikTok Advertising?

TikTok has meteorically grown to become the world\’s 7th most popular social media platform, with a more sizable audience than many big players such as Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. TikTok Service Companies Canada provides business houses with a one-stop destination for playing the market game. Through its various features, the platform helps businesses in creating advertisements, setting budgets, analysing trends, and reaching target audiences. 

TikTok launched its self-service advertising platform in early 2019, which provided several types of ad formats, including-

  • Brand Takeover-  These ads appear as soon as the user opens the TikTok app, engaging the user screen for a few seconds before changing into an in-feed ad. There are limited spots for brand takeover ads.
  • In-Feed Ads- Being the cost-effective and straightforward option of advertisements, these ads are generally for small and middle-sized businesses. These ads take the space on the native feed of TikTok users\’ \”For You\” pages.
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges- Hashtag challenges have become the top game for TikTok. Anybody setting up a hashtag challenge in a video encourages their viewers to repeat a particular act, videoing themselves, following the trend and uploading their version of the challenge. Although ordinary and raw, they are still paid for by brands and therefore given prime concern by TikTok and include a shoppable section for retailers.
  • Branded AR/Effects Content- These are particular ads that appear in TikTok\’s more creative places like- branded lenses, stickers, and others such as 3D/AR content.

How do TikTok Ads work?

Best Tiktok Ads Agency caters well to the two different modes of advertising provided by TikTok to help you assess the advertisements as per your business style and preferences, which you can always switch over between either of them. They are- 

  • Simplified mode- This mode takes a straightforward approach to creating ad campaigns.
  • Custom mode- Here, TikTok gives the advertisers complete control over their ads with customization options like the A/B testing and audience targeting based on video and creator interactions. 

Now that you have an insight into what precisely TikTok Ads are let us dig deeper into how we can set up TikTok Ads.  

Step 1: Create A TikTok Ads Account-

It is a one time process that the user/ business has to go through. There is a page full of questions you need to select and answer, including your location, business type or individual type of account, and a few other details.  

Step 2: Create your TikTok Ads Campaign-

Click on- The campaign button on the TikTok Advertisement dashboard and click on Create. TikTok asks you to set an advertising objective and choose from various customization options such as Traffic, Conversion, and App Instals.

Step 3: Set Your Ad Placements and Add the Details-

Here, you need to set up the ad groups for your campaign in which you can either pick \”Automatic Placement\” or choose from \”Select Placement\”. TikTok then prompts you to set up the ad group for the necessary details.

Step 4: Target the Audience for Your Campaign-

TikTok asks you a chain of questions so that they can target your ads to the right demographics.

Step 5: Set Your Ad Budget and Schedule-

TikTok here asks you to set your budget by ad groups and lay a schedule whether to run a plan continuously or over a specific timeframe.

Step 6: Set Your Optimization Goal-

TikTok offers optimization of your ads for: 

  • Conversion- ads priced by OPC(optimization cost per click) 
  • Click-ads priced by CPC(cost per click)
  • Impressions- ads priced by CPM(cost per mile)

Step 7: Design Your Ad and Upload Relevant Assets-

TikTok provides a range of creative assets tools that are key to creating content, i.e. the Video Creation Kit.

Step 8: Monitor and Control- 

Consistent monitoring is the key to successful marketing. Hence, it becomes a mandate to monitor and check for the ad\’s performance continuously and accordingly make improvements.

Hey, Marketeer! If you still think TikTok is just for kids, you are missing out on an essential social media advertising option for your business. If you wish to reach out to the content-hungry demographics, we at PYDA- Best Tiktok Marketing Agency can help you with the best ad campaign opportunity.



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