How to rebuild your eCommerce business with TikTok

How To Rebuild Your Ecommerce Business With Tiktok

Ecommerce has become more significant than ever, and so is TikTok. The Best Tiktok Ads Agency like– PYDA is ready to set new bars for the eCommerce world by using TikTok\’s initiatives like- TikTok Shopping and TikTok Pixels. With its worldwide presence, TikTok is not only engaging GenZ but also the marketers to think upon the platform as their new promotional place. 

TikTok serves as an excellent marketing tool for eCommerce traders to reach new audiences, build strategic partnerships and create brand awareness. With more than 1 billion users, extended video length from 15 seconds to 1 minute, new shopping features, and a constant rise in popularity, TikTok is the junction for online stores to halt.

Why Use TikTok For eCommerce?

TikTok being extensive and full of opportunities, serves as the perfect platform to market your business. It delimits the volume of audience towards your page, which otherwise might be confined to a particular demographic on other sites. This wider availability of audience traffic to your page makes TikTok the most liked and picked social media platform for promoting your business. 

The perk of the platform is that the user doesn\’t have to be a part of the audience network to show their presence. When we talk about TikTok\’s influence on eCommerce, it is a cakewalk. TikTok\’s algorithm gives you massive opportunities to go viral among the billions of viewers. TikTok leads users to your official website through their shopping tabs and TikTok Pixel on Shopify partnership. 

Importance Of TikTok In eCommerce

After TikTok\’s latest monetization model, i.e., eCommerce, businesses have become more interested in trying their hands on TikTok as a marketing junction. TikTok has expertise in creating raw and engaging video content. Still, as of the future endeavours, through TikTok Shopping and TikTok Pixel, it is trying to harness the audience\’s purchasing power to roar the eCommerce domain as well.

eCommerce giants like Amazon have constantly been evolving using TikTok\’s marketing tools. TikTok is known for open engagement, the same on which eCommerce hangs on. Therefore, this association between TikTok and eCommerce can do wonders shortly. TikTok is wrapped-up with desirable features that can gauge the growth rates of eCommerce players.  

How To Craft Your eCommerce Business Strategy?

As a relatively newer tool, TikTok for eCommerce promotion is constantly evolving. Even if the content created is engaging, there are all possibilities that you might come across challenges in turning engagements into conversions. In order to provide maximum conversions, the platform offers a few features like-

  • External Links- Similar to Instagram, TikTok users can also use external links in their bios. It has also started a \’creator\’ marketplace to help eCommerce businesses find users who can become their potential promoters.
  • Shop Now Buttons- TikTok successfully brought eCommerce features to the platform after partnering with Alibaba in 2018. The partnership enabled users with huge followings to feature the \’Shop Now\’ tabs on their content.
  • eCommerce Promotions- The launch of the \’Small Gestures\’ feature has enabled users to send virtual gifts to their friends on the app. The offerings include a range of brand partners, including free subscriptions and trials.  
  • Influencer Marketing- eCommerce businesses can partner with TikTok influencers for page promotion. The Tiktok Influencer Marketing Agency can help ecommerces connect with the best influencers and build their audience base. 
  • Viral Challenges- TikTok challenges should game on the challenging factor yet be simple enough to involve the maximum audience. Users have benefited themselves greatly through TikTok challenges to get traffic on their pages, and it can be an enormous opportunity for eCommerce to makeover their brand value through TikTok.   

You aren\’t too late if you haven\’t yet mapped out a TikTok marketing strategy. And if you have but aren\’t getting the desired outcomes, you are not alone. PYDA being one of the Best Tiktok Marketing Agency, is all set to draft the best eCommerce TikTok promotional strategy for you.



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