How to generate ROI from TikTok

How to generate ROI from TikTok

Experimentation of Brands trying to add value to their businesses through TikTok goes back to 2019. TikTok, being the unexpected rider of the race, outnumbering the giants of social media like Facebook, Instagram and others, has shown tremendous growth in previous years. Initiated with the vision to connect the GenZers and millennials who are less likely to be related to Facebook posts and YouTube videos, it has also tried being the platform for many brands. 

Even though many brands have witnessed great success, there are still many who need to process the fact whether TikTok\’s marketing strategy will be able to move the needle or not. Best Tiktok Marketing Agency like PYDA has been paving the way for clients to achieve great fortunes by TikTok-ing. It bears rosy opportunities to-

  • Build presence
  • Creating brand 
  • Product awareness
  • User acquisition

How to Achieve Return On Investment(ROI) on TikTok

Once the process of planning your marketing strategy, onboarding of influencers, following trends and different marketing campaigns are achieved, the ball falls in the court of analysis and observations. Whether a plan worked out or not can only be perceived by employing evaluation tools.

ROI is a performance measurement tool used by the Tiktok Influencer Marketing Agency. PYDA, being one of them, evaluates the performance and efficiency of what a brand is offering and draws comparison tools to check its competitiveness over other products by ROI methodology. Singular, a marketing intelligence platform, this year, in its global report, marked TikTok as one of the top platforms for advertising ROI.

Why is there a need to analyse ROI?

Optimization and improvement of any business could be scoped out only when there are proper tools that scale the victory of a particular marketing strategy. Achieving ROI isn\’t every time, only a revenue rise. To achieve ROI, defining clear marketing goals also paves the way for the same. Metrics serve as a roadmap to generate ROI and plan the future course of action.

Analytics that help achieve ROI in TikTok: 

  • Metrics to track

The first step for tracking metrics is to upgrade your TikTok account to a TikTok Pro account. A pro account is akin to an Instagram business account which features an analytics page to track the performance of your business strategy. A TikTok Pro account is easily accessible by mobile devices or desktop computers. The analytics data doesn\’t cost an extra penny. 

  • TikTok account overview metrics

The TikTok Pro Analytics dashboard ranges from 7 days to 28 days, providing periodic analysis of the brand\’s performance. Ad campaigns and overview metrics go hand-in-hand and help establish ROI in terms of reach.

  • TikTok Post Performance

To understand how the behaviour of your Ads and content, brands need to keep track of how their posts perform individually. The posts can be gauged by-

  1. Number of video plays
  2. Number of likes/hearts
  3. Number of comments 
  4. Number of shares             
  • Traffic Spring

 Identification of traffic sources on your account is beneficial to map out the ROI. It helps you conclude the best path to fuse your advertising efforts in the TikTok Universe. The following ways can help find the source of traction- 

  1. Other Profiles            
  2.  \”For You\” Page
  3.  Existing page followers
  4. The Sponsored hashtag campaigns 
  • Spectator Metrics

ROI using viewers or spectators is determined by the total playtime of the video being played and the average watch time, i.e. the average time of the video being played by the viewers. For generating a good ROI, the average playtime of the video should be closer to the length of the video. The videos can be created more interestingly by setting up new challenges, new hashtags or a creative UGC(User-Generated-Content).

  • Follower Metrics

 Follower metrics help know the base of \”WHO, WHERE & WHAT\” demands or wishes to see. It helps brands identify the kind of viewers responding to your account. Some of the follower metrics you can track are-

  1. gender
  2. location
  3. age 
  4. Activeness on TikTok

The ever-rising number of active users and more than 2.3 billion downloads every month has helped PYDA- one of the TikTok Service Companies Canada has raised the bars of ROI through creative marketing. 

So, why wait?

Your Branding and Returns is just a click away. 



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