How to create and install the TikTok Pixel on Shopify.

How to create and install the TikTok Pixel on Shopify

TikTok Pixel is an influential analysis tool that traces the impact of your TikTokAds on the website. Being a Javascript code, it enables the identification of how customers react when they click on your ad. The Pixel shoots up when a customer clicks on your ad, tracking behaviors and conversions. The Best Tiktok Marketing agency like PYDA looks upon this partnership as an opportunity to set their mark through pixels.

Why TikTok Pixel?

  1. Optimization of Ad Campaigns and Delivery

An event in TikTok Pixel enables the optimization goal, allowing the system to track and target the most likely users to take action once they visit your ad. For example, an event is made when a product is added to the cart, followed by making a purchase, payment gateway, etc. The whole process is initiated as an event. Hence, optimization and delivery. 

    2.   Create Custom Audience

The whole process of TikTok Pixel helper enables the creation of custom audiences. By the term “custom audience,” we refer to the audience segment that has shown a lookalike behavior when clicking on your ads. This way, businesses easily map out the further course of action, whether targeting or retargeting the potential users.

    3.   Measuring Campaign Performance

Analysis of TikTok ads’ paves the way for checking the magnitude of the course of action taken by the businesses.

    4.   Conversion Tracking

It’s to know how people interact with your website after clicking your ad. A track record is maintained. It also enables you to analyze your sales-vent events as the optimization goal to improve the effectiveness of your Ads.


Shopify amalgamates all your commercial working into a top command center engulfing all the Best Tiktok Ads agency. For a Shopify merchant, having a foothold in both online and offline business, data can be synced and managed from one account on any device. Shopify is a cloud-based complete e-commerce platform that can be accessed from any location. It is a subscription-based software that allows you to platform your business online and sell your products.

TikTok Pixel with Shopify

Shopify has become the first merchandising platform to showcase product delivery and shopping tabs to TikTok, enabling it to expand beyond entertainment. It drives Shopify merchants directly to the TikTok app. With the initiation of Shopify, the business got the upper hand in interaction with customers. The business was announced last October 2020. This partnership provides a bag full of exciting features. Some of them are-

  • 70+ professional themes
  • Customization of your online store.
  • Free shipping on orders
  • Multiple languages
  • 100 payment gates
  • Full blogging platform

Creation and Installation of TikTok Pixel on Shopify

TikTok-ing is the newest social media craze with the immense demographics of GenZ and Millennials, which is trending and at the same time being a refuge for unique marketing and advertising. As a slice of the new agreement, Shopify merchants can now draft targeted marketing campaigns on TikTok without withdrawing from the commerce platform. PYDA being a Tiktok Influencer Marketing Agency, is no hand behind.

Your way to TikTok Pixel on Spotify goes like this-

Step 1: Add the Official TikTok app to your Shopify store.

  •  Type TikTok in the search bar of the Shopify Store.
  •   Select TikTok.

Step 2: Install the selected TikTok App.

Step 3: Connect your TikTok account to the Business Account 

Get Started→ Fill in the Form → Send Code → Answer Captcha and Confirm → Access the email → Copy verification code → Sign up

Step 4: Connect your Ad account

Shopify Admin → Apps Section → View more Apps in this collection → Search for TikTok Ads → TikTok Inc → Add the App → Set up now → Connect.

Step 5: Create Pixel

Go back to Shopify → Settings → Data Sharing → Choose Maximum → Confirm

Step 6: Ensure and verify that the Pixel is active in TikTok Ads.

  • Log in to TikTok Business Account
  • Fly through assets and click on Events
  • Find the Pixel you created on Shopify by the “Check Pixel Code Installation” link

  And we are Good to Go!

The collaboration of TikTok Pixel and Shopify anticipate business houses to make the best use of this opportunity. PYDA, the Best Tiktok Marketing agency in Canada, is all prepped up to provide you with the best we have.



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