A Brief Guide Into Tiktok Marketing For Your Business

TikTok is one of the most powerful platforms in this current social media scenario. And believing that TikTok is just for teens, well think again because stats by the Best TikTok marketing agency showed that users of all ages are joining in this phenomenon. Including celebrities, publishers, influencers, and several household brands.

If you are new to Tik Tok marketing, you probably have a hard time following. Here are a few aspects that you must look at before kicking off 

Understand your Demographics 

Before we teach you how to utilize TikTok to promote your business, we\’ll learn about the most popular group of users using the social media platform for video.

Gen Z and Millenials 

In the case of TikTok\’s 80 million active users per month across the United States, 26 percent are between the ages of 25 to 44, which is a majority of the millennial generation. Not to be missed is that the millennial generation is now surpassing the Baby Boomers in terms of number and has been praised for their increased purchasing capacity.

Some data by the Best TikTok Ads agency, at 60, Generation Z or Gen Z (16 to 24) is the largest audience on TikTok. Generation Z may live in the same household as their parents; however, research suggests that its members could influence the family\’s buying choices. Gen Zers also have an excellent recall of ads which is great news for businesses that run TikTok advertisements.


TikTok data indicates that 60% of members are women, while 40% of users are male. When it comes to frequency of use, Statista shares that almost three-quarters of users are heavy users (use TikTok for 2/3 of each month) while another third are users who are not heavy (use TikTok for 1/3 of each month).

Recognize the Content-type

In contrast to other social networks, TikTok is a significant part of the current culture. Although original, innovative videos can be successful, the most successful TikToks are usually simple to duplicate by the masses or are a re-launch of a trend that is already in place. Celebrities with huge followings like Justin Bieber and Jason Derulo are attracting more than 4.3B views and more.

The biggest dance trends on TikTok are now a part of popular culture and for musicians, establishing a viral trend on the platform is enough to send track downloads up.

However, TikTok trends aren\’t limited to dancing routines. Some trends go viral for nearly everything, such as animals and lip syncs, fashion and beauty transformations, fitness tips and workouts, funny moments, camera hacks, pranks, and other challenges.

If you\’re not sure where to begin on TikTok, take a look at the TikTok Discovery Page for inspiration. There you can find all the top trending hashtags based on the location of your home, along with a breakdown of the most popular videos by category.

We\’ve discovered that our unique and relevant spin on a trend is the best. Videos that make use of trending sounds and hashtags have a higher chance of being seen on the TikTok application and are more likely to achieve success.

What kind of ads work on Tiktok 

Regarding the possibility of advertising on TikTok, there are many options for brands and companies to consider, including ads on feeds, top view, brand takeover, and branded hashtag challenge.

TikTok\’s in-feed Ads come with a distinct \”Sponsored\” tag when they are displayed on the For You page, as they also have a brand new pop-up with a clickable call-to-action that you can activate like \”download right now,\” \”learn more,\” or \”shop right now.\”

The Influencer Marketing platform on TikTok

In addition to direct advertisements, numerous brands are employing TikTok\’s famous influencers to help their campaigns for brand awareness and reach millions of customers simultaneously.

Certain brands are already going full-on using the TikTok market strategy using influencers.

Fenty Beauty is the first brand to establish its own Creator \”house\” through TikTok and enlist some of the most prominent beauty content creators to TikTok in their #FENTYBEAUTYHOUSE.

TikTok has quickly recognized influencer marketing as an essential component of its e-commerce offerings for businesses. TikTok recently announced a TikTok Creator Marketplace, an \”official platform to collaborate with creators and brands.\” Where videos from creator partners can be promoted in-feed ads to get an added boost in brand visibility.

TikTok\’s Creator Marketplace lets companies locate partners in content creation using real-time performance data. Additionally, TikTok also facilitates introductions and helps manage campaigns, just like an agency for influencers in marketing.

Influencer advertising on TikTok might not be as tested and tested as other platforms, like Instagram; however, with an uncapped reach, data insights and rapidly changing conversion tools are something to keep an eye on.

What our experts have to say

Knowing the demographics of your followers will assist you in determining whether you\’re reaching the right people who are interested in your business. For instance, if yours is an apparel brand for men with its headquarters in Canada, you\’d want to reach a majority of male customers and make Canada your primary market.

If your TikTok audience doesn\’t align, you might want to consider it best to review how you create content or consult any Tiktok service companies in Canada.

Also, knowing the times when your followers are most engaged is one of the most effective methods to find the best time to publish and is an excellent way to ensure increased engagement right out of the beginning.



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