3 Ways to build a Food TikTok Channel!

So you’ve probably been in the position where you’ve been endlessly scrolling on TikTok looking at recipes. Now you’re thinking….”mmhh I think I could make this better”. Now you’ve created your TikTok handle and called it “chefsteven”. Steven, you’re ready to make your first TikTok! but Steven has never made many food TikToks before. Well, don’t worry that’s why you’re reading this!


What is the meaning of ASMR? Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is a term that refers to a spontaneous, externally prompted, and peaking of your senses. With ASMR it is all about the sensations or sentiments you get when engaging in a stimulating video or activity.

Sounds like a page-flipping or chewing gum are common elicitors of these emotions. The tingling and relaxation that some people experience as a result of ASMR (even to the point of falling asleep!) can range from mild to intense.

Now, this is perfect for Food TikTok! For example, You decide you would like to make a TikTok video about a fruit shake. Then this is how you would do it. Start with shooting clips of apples being cut, sharpening your blade, adding water, blending the fruits, and lastly drinking it. Hopefully, your phone or microphone can pick up all the sounds and you were able to compile the clips together to create an eargasmic experience. If you could nail ASMR food content, there is a huge market for you to niche in within ASMR videos.

2- Informative Content

Fun Fact! Many people in this world rely more on Uber eats than their local Walmart. People are becoming lazier and some could barely cook. That’s why people love informative food content. Especially, if you could whip up a fast and easy recipe that’s easy to follow along with. Now, this could go deeper past cooking videos. But there are many people on TikTok that love to learn something new.

3- Adding Your Personality to Your Videos

There are many Food TikTok Influencers on the platform. Now even though food is satisfying to watch. You don’t want to enter the game being completely similar to everybody else. Add your angle to it! Check out @mrimtoonice on TikTok, he’s a chef from Brooklyn that adds his unique personality to his videos. If you have watched any of his videos before, you can feel his confidence through the screen. His videos revolve around Daron talking shit about other people who are beneath him because his cooking is just that nice. When you have the time, definitely go check out his work and hopefully it has inspired you to find your angle.

Lastly, don’t stress out too much if you don’t know where to start, what niche to pick, what equipment to buy, etc. Start with just making content and having fun. Through continuous posting, you’ll be able to see what\’s working and what\’s not! Congrats on taking this step and we hope to see you on our FYP Page. If you need some help growing your TikTok Page, just book an appointment by clicking HERE.



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